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The Disinformation Company (

The Globe and Mail

“A forceful, vibrant and immensely entertaining call to action.”

Filmmaker Magazine

“A film you can dance to”

Abort Magazine

‘”a must-see for every single person. No exceptions.”[Read More]

Audio: CBC Search Engine

‘”A documentary you HAVE to go see” -

Montreal Mirror

‘”a playful call to arms for the copyfighting age” - Montreal Mirror - [Read More]


‘”it matches its smarts with a great deal of wit, fantastic editing, a great love for movies and … a note of absolute hope that change can come. What does that remind you of?” [Read More]

Victoria News

‘”Gaylor packages a cultural revolution into a thought provoking and sexy 80 minutes. ” [Read More]

Montreal Gazette

‘”About as edgy and fascinating a glimpse you’ll get into one of the more pressing issues of our Internet Age.” [Read More]

Victoria Times Colonist

‘”RiP: A Remix Manifesto is a documentary concerned primarily with the issue of copyright, intellectual property and the effects of piracy in the Internet age. But it’s really about war.” [Read More]