How To Hire A Local Search Engine Expert

Alright, guys, I spent the last two weeks researching my brains out about new and upcoming methods for ranking your specific local keywords. I bugged my friends over at Hyperion in the Tulsa SEO market and asked why they do not have a YouTube video up yet.

The reason I wanted to know is that every time I speak with an SEO expert, they tell me that YouTube is crucial for ranking. Why is that? It doesn’t make any sense. I always thought that YouTube is a different algorithm than Google is. Well, apparently I was wrong. Check out the video below:

See according to Hyperion if you make a YouTube video, and that video was streamed live at some point, it can and will rank higher than most top sites in Google’s search results. I’m not entirely sure about Bing, though, and I forgot to ask them about that, but I suspect it works similarly.
Hyperion claims that in Tulsa, clients typically do not want a YouTube video created for their website. Instead, they require alternate SEO methods to make sure that ranking in the search results stays competitive and productive.

We’ll see what else I can find out about in the coming weeks. I’m pretty sure that I’ll need to interview a different SEO company next time around because Hyperion is starting to seem somewhat annoyed at me calling them every week with SEO questions.

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