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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an inevitable part of online business. Usually, only the extremely competitive markets have the money to put into advertising and online marketing.  Some of the common trends today are to use simple software tools to rank a website higher in Google’s search results, but this does not work very well compared to quality Search Engine Optimization.  Businesses use the Search Engine Optimization software that is the best they can find with an objective to make their websites more available to their potential customers.

Here’s a brief intro for new people about SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing).



My name is Jorge Torres, and I am on a mission to uncover the best SEO agencies in America, and I won’t rest until I’ve found the best.  Already I managed to interview what is supposedly one of the best SEO Firms in the entire Midwest, HyperionSEO, and what they told me after me twisting their arm was priceless.  They gave me recommendations about other agencies, said whom they learned from and why, and also gave me some insight on some software packages I was using and recommended ones I never heard of before.  My end goal is to expand my existing SEO company to more than just a few clients, so I asked myself, “Why not learn from the best?”.  Here’s what I found on my trips so far.

Search Engine Optimization experts often just make an attempt at gaming the system and charging a lot of money for their services.  Of course, there are some reputable SEO Agencies out there, like Kotton Grammer’s multimillion dollar agency That’s probably the best SEO Agency I ran into on the east coast.  In the midwestern United States, you have Hyperion SEO.  They’re amazing, but they only operate out of Tulsa and Oklahoma City at the moment.  I’m not sure of too many SEO firms on the west coast yet as most of the big players are towards the east.  Since this is a newer blog I’d like to talk a little about some of the software I use for my SEO (I have a few clients but mostly do SEO for my sites).  Below are some common software packages that we were taught to use for SEO.


SEM-Rush is the best Search Engine Optimization software to utilize if you need to get useful insight on market traffic. When I met the owners of Hyperion SEO at their Tulsa SEO branch, they told me this tool has extremely up to date and accurate metrics. This tool creates reports that can show search metrics of all kinds such as advertisement costs, cost per keyword, paid traffic, top ranking keywords and more.  It also recommends relevant keywords based on importance, fantastic!! The numerous tools which consist of a social media marketing are essential for businesses interested in SEO. Backlink tests and website reviews are two additional significant characteristics of the Search Engine Optimization software that is highly-acclaimed.

Web Business Marketer (IBP)

According to many Search Engine Optimization resources, Internet Enterprise Marketer is the leading Search Engine Optimization application currently available. The truth is, this website promotion software has won several honors for its articles of optimization ability, though this is not verified with any other SEO agencies nor myself.  Still, I thought it was worth mentioning since I use this software, and it works awesome for me.


Another very popular newer tool that we use to identify quickly how valuable a site is by something called Domain Authority and Page Authority.  They guys over at Hyperion tell me the metrics given by this application are not very accurate as of late, however, and there are newer tools they recommend.  However, this tool is still a quick reference for certain metrics such as keyword difficulty and analyzing how much a domain name for a client is spammed.


The leading software that Tulsa SEO Experts use to gauge the “Power” of a site.  When they (Hyperion SEO) first obtain a new client, they analyze all the backlinks in-depth to find out what if any spam is going on and how much power the site has.  I suspect they use this software for more than just that, though, because they indicated that this application is more important than both MOZ and SEMrush.  Though they would not explain why, they just stated, “AhRefs has taken SEO insight to heights that Google was aware of years ago.”  With this, they implied that AhRefs was the leading software I should be using for my clients.  Fascinating indeed.


In summary, I only use SEMrush, IBP, and MOZ.  I never heard of AhRefs until interviewing HyperionSEO.  Judging by the sheer amount of professionalism I saw from them, I’ll probably start looking more into AhRefs and possibly see if I can take more clients and turn SEO into an actual business!  My SEO journey to learn about how professionals rank and index pages in Google’s search results is beginning for me, so wish me luck!!

-Jorge Torres

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