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In the spirit of free culture, you can name your price to download RIP. Just fill in the amount you would like to contribute to the filmmakers below. YOU DECIDE!

Download Formats Available
DVD Resolution (1.4G)    H.264 | 853×480 | 1.5Mbps | 196kbps Audio
Portable Resolution (735M)    H.264 | 640×360 | 800Kbps | 128kbps Audio
DVD ISO Image (2.9G)    16:9 | Screener Only (No Menus/No Bonus)
Thanks to @ossguy, we have 2 new formats available:
DVD Resolution (895M)    Ogg Theora | 853×480 | Ogg Vorbis Audio
Portable Resolution (691M)    XviD | 640×360 | MP3 Audio
We also have the following extras:
Cory Doctorow Interview
Girl Talk (Greg Gillis) Interview
Girl Talk Concerts

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RIP: A Remix Manifesto