Online Marketing For Legal Recruiters

Online Marketing for Legal Recruiters

Getting new clients into your legal recruiting business is becoming harder and harder; each time you approach a potential one they politely decline or make promises that they don’t keep. Even the old ones are quietly leaving. What are you doing wrong? The answer is that you have been ignoring online marketing, or you have been doing it all wrong. The days of growing legal recruiting business by word of mouth are long gone. Today, legal recruiters have to compete on the same platform as all other businesses – online.

The primary issue with internet companies is that it is a very, very competitive environment – you have to use concrete strategies if you want to leave your completion behind. You can no longer afford to take a laid back view and assume that because you own and operate a website, you will be able to attract new clients. That is old thinking – anyone can have a website, that doesn’t mean that they can make any difference in their business. As you come up with a business plan and budget you now have to include a line item for internet marketing. You have to channel funds into this kind of marketing because as it turns out, it is the most effective.

Online marketing works because the results are long-lasting. Traditional marketing methods like taking out ads in newspapers, TV or radio are expensive, and you never know in advance what results you will get. Online marketing, on the other hand, if done correctly, is a sure thing. If you do SEO consistently in the right manner, then you can be sure that you will be at the top of search results because it is a level playing ground. It doesn’t matter whether your competition has a bigger marketing budget; so long as both of you are following the rules of online marketing you both have a chance at cornering a big portion of law firms in your market.

The path for online marketing is to let a professional handle it for you. Professionals have two things that you don’t – they have the expertise and have the time. They know everything about algorithms, and they have the time to optimize your website and also come up with social media and blogging strategies that work. You will have a chance to focus on the rest of your business – matching legal firms with the right talent – while the internet marketing company brings in leads for you.

That said, it would be wrong to hire the first SEO or internet company that you come across. Recruiting clients for businesses like yours requires someone who is familiar with the field. It is therefore essential that you hire a company that has dealt with legal recruiters before.  Uncover what their success rate has been and what kinds of timelines they are looking at before they can bring you Google domination.

One way to know whether an internet company is as good as it claims to be is to look at what kind of interviews they conduct with you before they accept your business. If they do not interview you in depth to find out what your business does and what you hope to achieve with the current campaign it is likely that they will not do an outstanding job. They should also look at your current website if you have one and audit it to determine what is needed to optimize it.

They should also come up with a social media strategy – legal recruiters need to go to forums where they can meet potential clients, and any internet marketing company that you hire should know what these forums are. Ask them to provide a list of the social media websites they intend to use and the forums they will join on your behalf, Look them over to see if they contain the kind of members that you can turn into clients.

Lastly, if an online marketing company tells you that they will take you to the first search results page, then you should let them go. SEO takes time, and it may be many months before you see results. What they should give you instead is a series of benchmarks that you can use to track progress. They will be small steps that will eventually lead to your ultimate goal which is to have your website listed in the first 2 or 3 returns of search results.  Also remember that recent law graduate students will need help to find their first graduate job, and they’ll likely use Google to find a recruiter.  We leave you with this eye-opening video to prove our point: